Agarose Gel Preparation

9g agarose

900ml TBE (1X)


In 1L screw-cap pyrex bottle combine agarose and TBE

Loosen the cap and microwave for 5 min to dissolve

Swirl every 1-2 min (Be careful, the glass may be super-heated and could boil over when swirled)

Continue heating until agarose is completely dissolved, swirling every 30-60 seconds

Place in 50°C water bath


To pour a gel, measure out required volume of molten agarose, add ethidium bromide (1 μ l per 100ml of gel) and gently swirl. Tape the ends of a gel tray, add combs and place on a level bench. Pour agarose into casting tray, check for leaks and allow to solidify at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.


Alternatively, agarose gels can be prepared as needed. Dissolve 1g of agarose per 100ml of TBE. Cool to ~50°C in ice water bath, add 1 μ l ethidium bromide per 100ml of gel and cast in appropriately sized gel tray.